How to reverse type 2 Diabetes Mellitus using intermittent fasting:

The fundamental pathology in type 2 diabetes mellitus is insulin resistance. This means that the insulin molecule cannot act upon the insulin receptors in the body because the receptors have become insensitive.  Therefore, it takes a lot of insulin production by the pancreas to stimulate the insulin receptors and thereby reduce the blood glucose to normal.  In many patients, the blood sugar levels are kept in range at the expense of very high insulin levels.  Insulin is an anabolic hormone that instructs the body to gain weight, increase fat storage, inhibit lipolysis – the breakdown of fat. It is atherogenic, promoting vascular inflammation, which is undesirable.  High levels of insulin production by the pancreas will eventually lead to pancreatic endocrine failure, which then leads to dependence on insulin injections. Restoring insulin receptors sensitivity results in less insulin needs because the receptors are now sensitive to insulin. To restore insulin receptors sensitivity, the receptors must not be exposed to high insulin levels.  The best way to do that is fasting.

The pancreas produces most of the insulin upon eating with simple sugars stimulating insulin production the most.  When the insulin level drops because of fasting, the receptors are no longer bombarded by so much insulin, and the insulin receptor sensitivity improves.  This phenomenon is seen in multiple other areas of medical physiology.  Therefore, the fasting allows your body to change its response to insulin, improve receptor sensitivity and thereby your body’s hormonal state changes.  Hormones are the master manipulator of physiology.  Therefore, fasting is a profound way to change your body’s hormonal response to food.  After fasting, in the next few days too, your insulin requirements will fall.  With less insulin, you will lose weight, need fewer medications, have a lower sugar level in the blood, the hemoglobin A1c will come down, the triglyceride levels drop, and you will also feel better.

Other methods to improve insulin sensitivity includes metformin medication and elimination of all sugar products in the diet.  For information on how to fast, please read the section on how to start fasting.