We can now perform Loop Recorder Implants here in the CVI office.  The newest generation of loop recorders are injectable and can safely be done by Dr. Jamnadas, MD. right in our office procedural suite.  Loop Recorders are used to monitor patients for 2 years or more for arrhythmias that are suspected by not on holter or event monitors.  The implanted device reports any abnormal rhythm and is monitored remotely on a monthly basis.  Alerts are passed to our office of any detected arrhythmia on a daily basis and monthly reports provide trends and device performance.  This information is used to make clinical decisions on anticoagulation and if further intervention is necessary.  This small device is placed just under the skin of the chest to the left of the sternum and can be removed when monitoring is complete.  Procedure itself takes only minutes and patients are generally in and out in less than 2 hours.