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I have a gut feeling about this… | The Microbiome, Metabolism and Overall Health

Reversing Diabetes – The Roles Medication and Diet Play

Health Tips to Survive the Holidays

Vitamin K2: The Surprising Benefits From Your Heart to Your Bones

Exposing the links between Calcium, Vitamin K2, and Plaque Buildup in Blood Vessels

How Fasting and Diet can Prevent Heart Disease

Coronary Artery Disease in South Asians Lecture

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Lunch and Dinner | The Meats and Vegetables you Should be Eating and Avoiding

What Eating Processed Flour and Vegetable Seed Oils Really Does to You

Best and Worst Breakfast Foods

Why your Cardiac Examination is Incomplete

Why your Cardiac Examination is Incomplete

External Counterpulsation (ECP) for Chest Pain and Coronary Calcium

Avoiding Hospitalization and Monitoring Heart Failure with CardioMEMS

What is a Loop Recorder?

Loop Recorder Implant

What is a Kraft Test?

Introduction to Cardiac Catheterization

What is an Echocardiogram?

What is a Coronary Calcium Score?

What is a CT Scan?

What is a Heart Attack?

How are Heart Attacks Treated?

What is a Leadless Pacemaker?

What is Cardioversion?

What is Right Heart Catheterization?