CVI is a leader in providing more personalized and affordable health care options to our patients. CVI in office procedure costs and professional service fees service are much lower when compared to in-hospital equivalents. Please ask about the self-pay cash rates for our services or call our billing office at (407) 896-7899 for details.

New Patient

Type of Visit Price
Level 2 $115.00
Level 3 $160.00
Level 4 $250.00
Level 5 $315.00

Established Patient

Type of Visit Price
Level 2 $65.00
Level 3 $110.00
Level 4 $160.00
Level 5 $220.00
Type of Diagnosis Price
Echocardiogram $480.00
Carotid Ultrasound And Doppler $300.00
Ultrasound Of Abdominal Aorta $285.00
Ultrasound Of Both Legs – Venous System $295.00
Ultrasound Of Both Legs – Arterial System $445.00
Renal Ultrasound And Doppler $470.00
Regular Stress Test $115.00
Nuclear Stress Test $1,168.00
Sit Down Nuclear Stress Test $1,575.00
PET Scan $2,000.00
Type of Diagnosis Price
Cardioversion $308.00
NIPS Procedure $657.00
Medgem Metabolism Analysis $101.00
Thyroid Ultrasound $175.00
Tilt Table $235.00
Venous Reflux Study $295.00
Ablation Of Vein Using Radiofrequency $2,290.00
Sclerotherapy Of A Vein $160.00
Holter Monitor Check $60.00
Pacemaker Check $65.00
Defibulator Check $83.00
Loop Monitor Check $40.00

Chest X-Rays

Type of X-Ray Price
Two View $41.00
With Apical Lordotic $50.00
with Obliques Bilateral $62.00

Bone & Joint X-Rays

Type of X-Ray Price
Leg (Tibia / Fibula) $42.00
Shoulder $43.00
Knee $53.00
Hip Bilateral $54.00
Hip Unilateral $61.00

CT Scans

Type of CT Scan Price
Cardiac Calcium Score $99.00
Sinus CT $205.00
Abdominal Pelvis With Contrast $480.00
Abdominal Pelvis Without Contrast $295.00
AbdominalWith And Without Contrast $410.00
Chest Without Contrast $235.00
Chest With & Without Contrast $340.00
Extremity Lower With Contrast $330.00
Extremity Lower Without Contrast $265.00
Extremity Upper With Contrast $330.00
Exremity Upper Without Contrast $265.00
Head Without Contrast $230.00
Head With & Without Contrast $280.00
Neck With Contrast $298.00
Spine Cervical Without Contrast $228.00
Spine Lumbar Without Contrast $228.00

CT Angiogram (CTA)

Type of CT Angiogram Price
CTA Abdominal & Pelvis with & without contrast $595.00
CTA Head with & without Contrast $435.00
CT & CTA Heart with Contrast $530.00
CTA Abdominal with & without Contast $475.00
CTA Chest with & without contast $445.00
CTA Neck with & without contrast $435.00
CTA Abdominal with run off $650.00
CT Heart with Contrast $366.00


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

In Office Procedure Fees

These are global charges for the entire procedure.
Professional fees and technical fees are included.

Cardiac Catherizations  Price 
Left Heart Catheterization   $1,600.00
Right Heart Catheterization   $1,245.00
Left Heart Catheterization With Bypass Graft Angiography $1,745.00
Right And Left Heart Catheterization  $1,930.00
Right And Left Heart Catheterization With Bypass Graft Angiography $2,160.00
Angiograms  Price 
Renal Angiogram Bilateral $2,247.00
Renal Angiogram Unilateral $2,072.25
Loop Recorder  Price 
Loop Recorder Implantation $7,334.00
Angioplasties  Price 
Angioplasty Iliac Artery $4,269.00
Angioplasty Femoral Artery $5,072.00
Angioplasty Tibial / Peroneal Artery $7,285.00
Atherectomies and Stents  Price 
Atherectomy Iliac Artery $16,582.00
Atherectomy Femoral / Popliteal Arteries $16,530.00
Atherectomy Tibial / Peroneal $16,608.00
Stent Iliac Artery  $5,072.00
Stent Femoral / Popliteal Arteries $14,679.00
Stent Tibial / Peroneal  $14,950.00
Atherectomy Plus Stent  Femoral / Popliteal $21,246.00
Atherectomy Plus Stent Tibial / Peroneal  $20,659.00

Hospital Procedure Fees

These are only professional fees. Professional Fees are the fee charged by the doctor for performing the procedure or surgery. The hospital bills the insurance company for the technical portion.

Stents  Price 
Coronary Stent $970.00
Cardiac Catherizations  Price 
Left Heart Catheterization $480.00
Right Heart Catheterization   $215.00
Left Heart Catheterization With Bypass Graft Angiography    $543.00
Right And Left Heart Catheterization   $608.00
Right And Left Heart Catheterization With Bypass Graft Angiography  $1,010.00
Angiograms  Price 
Renal Angiogram Bilateral   $588.00
Renal Angiogram Unilateral   $420.00
Implantable Devices  Price 
Loop Recorder Implantation   $145.00
Dual Chamber Pacemaker Implantation $845.00
Single Chamber Pacemaker Implantation $776.00
Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (Icd)   $1,487.00
Pacemaker Battery Change Out   $573.00
Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (Icd) Battery Change Out  $627.00

Prices up to date as of 07-17-20