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Why Cardiovascular Interventions?

When you want a true partner in your cardiovascular care. One that not only treats your disease symptoms but offers a holistic approach to prevention including risk modification through diet, exercise, and proper rest. Then you should look into Cardiovascular Interventions where we utilize emerging technologies and innovations to deliver the most comprehensive cardiovascular care in Central Florida.

 CVI offers our patients the following:

  • Comfortable Waiting Room: Our spacious, well-lit waiting room overlooks a serene lake and provides complementary Wi-Fi internet access for patient convenience.
  • Urgent Cardiology Care: Although most patients see us by appointment, we offer an open, urgent care walk-in policy for patients who need to be seen without an appointment. This option gives patients an alternative when they feel poorly but not bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital ER. This service is designed to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
  • Efficient Patient Management: With our modern examination rooms, CVI is able to efficiently flow and manage patient care. This allows us to offer timely patient care, avoid treatment delays and reduce hospitalizations which can significantly reduce patient costs.
  • Financial Arrangement Assistance: Our patient billing team works closely with Medicare and most major insurance companies to assist in securing the benefits for which the patient is eligible. A current list of participating insurance companies that CVI accepts can be found on our website. For patients without insurance coverage, CVI can provide quality care at a competitive self pay price. Simply contact one of our billing representatives at (407)896-7899 and we will be happy to provide a cost estimate and discuss potential financial arrangements.
  • Paperless Office: Cardiovascular Interventions is a paperless office featuring all electronic medical records and billing systems. Our providers have access to them 24 hours a day, from any location. This enables us to efficiently send vital medical records to emergency rooms and other physicians as needed. Patients also have access to their medical records and other services through the Patient Portal located on our website.
  • Education: Our website has many educational links and we sponsor lectures from The Galen Foundation and CVI, which foster a complete mental, physical, and spiritual approach to living.
  • Affordable Self Pay Rates: CVI is a leader in providing more personalized and affordable health care options to our patients. CVI outpatient service and procedure costs are much lower when compared to in-hospital equivalents. Please ask about the self-pay cash rates for our services or call our billing office at (407) 896-7899 for details.
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