Many studies support thatVaccine Picture The Influenza (flu) Vaccine Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular events such as Heart Attack and Stroke by 12.9%.

JAMA Article: October 2013; Harvard Medical School, October 23, 2013

Thousands of patients die of influenza infection and complications it causes each year.  Less than 50% of high risk patients over 65 are vaccinated.  Life threatening complications of Flu include pneumonia, heart attack and stroke.  All Cardiac patients should ask to be vaccinated!Syringe Picture

Vaccine lowers the odds of having a major events like heart attack and stroke, including death by nearly a third over the following year.

The annual influenza vaccine does more than prevent the flu.  It also prevents complications associated with the flu such as pneumonia and hospitalization.  

Get vaccinated as soon as possible!

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