What is Hyperlipidemia?

The Basics

Vitamin and mineral supplements combined with an unrefined diet high in fruits and vegetables, some omega-3 oils, no hydrogenated fats, and a good lifestyle are the basics for a healthy heart. Include weight control, not smoking, some exercise, and the ability to manage stress, and you will improve your general health and prevent or help control heart disease.

A Healthy Diet

Science shows that a varied diet of relatively unrefined foods with many fruits, vegetables, brown rice and whole grains is the basics of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, these foods are becoming scarce in many Western diets. When the food industry processes these foods, at least 75% of the minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidant nutrients is lost, and this contributes to the development of chronic diseases.

Most of the world’s heart and cardiology organizations suggest reducing saturated (solid) fat and cholesterol intake while increasing polyunsaturated fat consumption. Although less fat is generally good, the only clear benefits of fat substitutions are those with omega-3. Polyunsaturates without omega-3 (all the high omega-6 linoleic oils: corn, sunflower, safflower or cottonseed) can in fact cause harm, especially if they are partially hydrogenated (shortening and 90% of margarines). Virgin olive oil has no omega-3 but it’s the healthy unprocessed oil for daily use. Butter is better than margarine except possibly unhydrogenated canola and soy based types.

Reduce sugar, white flour, white rice, ordinary white noodles and foods that are deep fried, have shortening and anything “hydrogenated”.
Potassium (found in bananas, celery, potatoes, fruits & veggies) and magnesium (whole grains, nuts, greens) can help prevent heart attacks. Sweating and most diuretics flush out these spark plugs for the heart. It is recommended that you drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water every day.


Everyone knows that regular physical activity has a direct link to weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, fighting obesity, controlling heart disease and helps maintain general good health. Make it a part of your daily routine.
There is an excellent chance that with long-term use of these foods, supplements, omega-3’s along with regular exercise, you will significantly reduce your risk of sudden heart death.