Past Live Events

December 16th 2021

The Galen Foundation Presents Dr. Pradip Jamnadas – Addiction: Why We Can’t Fast or Keep a Diet

The Galen Foundation presents Dr. Jamnadas’s lecture “Addiction: Why we can’t fast or keep a diet.” Understanding the link between addiction, the food we eat, and our health.

The Galen Foundation Mission

To fill the knowledge gap between science and the public on health maintenance. A complete mind-body-soul approach supported by todays science and yesterdays wisdom. View recent lectures here:

The Galen Foundation Goals

  • Established to propagate health information to the public.
  • Return illness and disease to health and healing through lifestyle and mind style changes.
  • Enhance health and well being through knowledge and awareness.
  • Foster a more stress free life through stress management strategies encompassing the newest as well as oldest methods.
  • Propagate information on proven safe and effective medical therapies
  • Enhance psychoanalytical awareness to foster a sense of peace and balance with holistic living.
  • Education in the strategic value of exercise and fitness for mental and physical well being.
  • Propagate information for preventative medicine
  • Enhance awareness of the importance of food nutrition and diet to mental and physical well being.

About the Founder


The founder and chairman of The Galen Foundation is a medical graduate of the University College of London, England with post-graduate training at Yale University in Cardiology. He has a successful specialty practice in Orlando, Florida since 1990 and performs interventional procedures and is a consultant cardiologist with a large diversified inpatient and outpatient practice. He has been recognized in Orlando Magazine as Top Doctor in Cardiology for multiple years over the past two decades. He is also a clinical assistant professor of medicine at The Florida State University. He is a renowned lecturer and teacher, with a passion for high tech interventions when called for, yet places greater emphasis on prevention measures.