For calendar year 2023 Cardiovascular Interventions we will not be a participating provider with the Florida Blue Medicare Plan. With open enrollment we highly recommend enrollment back to Medicare part B.

We have received an update from Blue Cross Blue Shield about their Medicare Advantage PPO Plan. We will no longer be an in-network provider as of February 28, 2023.  

If you are currently being treated as a patient here at Cardiovascular Interventions for a serious medical condition, you may continue to receive care from us at the in-network benefit through August 28, 2023. To start this process, please contact our Business office at 407-894-4880 option 5. 

I would like to thank you for allowing CVI to be your full-service cardiovascular care giver.   However, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan’s reimbursement for physician services is substantially below the accepted minimum government Medicare program.    I have tried to resolve this issue and have failed.   If they cannot even match the basic reimbursement of Medicare, then, it is unfair to the Medical Practices especially when we try so diligently to provide state of the art care.

Premium care requires no cutting of corners or any type of compromise in quality of care or diagnostic testing.   I cannot continue to provide you the type of care you have received under one roof with the current arrangement with Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage.   Therefore, I will no longer be a participating provider in the network for the calendar year of 2023 and onward.

Your cardiovascular care and your prevention program are probably your best long-term investment, and therefore I urge you to consider using your out of network benefits or to enroll back into Medicare Part B. Out of network benefits with your Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan results in a slightly higher copay for out of network providers, but you can continue to enjoy the comprehensive care you have been receiving.   Please do not hesitate to contact my business office at 407-896-7899 should you need to discuss further.


Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD