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Audio CDs Available Two for $5

  • What Causes a Heart Attack
  • Stillness vs Silence: Gateway to Health and Happiness
  • Stress: Today’s Killer Disease
  • Transformational Energy: Change Today
  • Eating, Talking, Sleeping, and Walking
  • Food for Healthy Thought
  • New Therapies for Heart Disease
  • Preconditioning

DVD, Optimizing Your Health (A compilation of lectures), Available for $10, while supplies last

  • Optimizing your Health (A Compilation of lectures)
  • How to Avoid your Heart Attack – Pradip P. Jamnadas, MD
  • First Line Therapy for Optimum Health – Kirti Kalidas, MD
  • Your Health and You: We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us – Jack P. Facundus, MD
  • Life Strategies for Maximum Health – Christine E. Jablonski, MD


*** Donations are accepted graciously to help for upcoming lectures***


*To purchase CDs/DVDs, call 407-894-4880 x 3002

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