Nutrition Counseling Testimonials

Notice to Patients: Karina Walker has moved on to teaching and is no longer with CVI. We will miss her and wish her well in her future endeavors. Please stay tuned as we seek for a new provider of nutritional services.

“Karina has me very motivated”

“The only one would be to get the word out to your patients if you haven’t already, I’m sure there’s a lot of old schoolers that could benefit from these services, as well as younger folks. It’s easy to cheat when you’re not held accountable, or just don’t know any better. I’m 58 and fairly knowledgeable on nutrition and healthy eating, but still 100lbs overweight! Nutrition Counseling is something I could only afford for our kids, it helps me too. To have it as a patient of Dr. Jamnadas is really, really great. I’ve only been to the first session and I’m already benefiting. It’s hard to get good counseling covered under insurance. Thank you.”

“Karina is a master teacher!!!”

“Yes, I brought my teenage son with me and we learned and will be able to use the information and counseling given to us. The nutritionist was very knowledgeable and knew that I liked the The Keto Zone Diet way of eating and was able to help me with a plan. She’s also very polite and a good listener.”

“I know more about the food I eat, that does help”

“She was very encouraging towards making us feel like we could make some changes. She was knowledgeable and a good listener. She gave us free recipes and log sheets. She tactfully told us how we could cut back on some things in our diet. My husband is actually walking 1-2 times a day, even when it is warm outside. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“She has done a good job, it is all up to me to follow her advice.”

“I am more aware of the right choices when selecting food and resisting the pattern of eating out so much.”