What the FreeStyle Libre Pro Sensor Does:

The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor continually measures and stores your sugar levels for up to 14 days.

After you’ve worn the sensor for up to 14 days, your doctor will download data from it that will give information about how your sugar levels are trending throughout the day and night. This will help your doctor personalize your treatment plan.

What You Need To Do:

  • Wear the sensor on the back of your upper arm for up to 14 days
  • Continue regular blood glucose self-testing per your doctor’s recommendation
  • Maintain a daily log of your blood glucose readings, diet, exercise, and insulin

There’s no need for you to interact with the sensor. Just go about your daily routine.

Don’t stop testing! The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor is not a replacement for self-monitoring of blood glucose. Continue your normal testing routine while wearing the sensor.

Keep records as directed. Your healthcare provider may have asked you to record your blood glucose readings, diet, exercise, and insulin injections (if applicable).

Contact your provider if:

  • • Your sensor becomes loose or is removed
  • You have irritation or discomfort at the sensor site
  • You have any questions about your sensor

How to Care for the Sensor:

  • Use care to avoid catching the sensor on clothing while getting dressed
  • Intense exercise may cause the sensor to loosen due to sweat or movement of the sensor

Your sensor is water resistant and can be worn while bathing, showering, or swimming as long as you do not:

  • take it deeper than 3 feet (1 meter)
  • keep it underwater for longer than 30 minutes at a time

Special Activities

Medical procedures
If you have an MRI, a CT scan, or a diathermy treatment, you must remove your sensor prior to the procedure. Notify your healthcare provider.

Security checkpoints
Notify security at airport checkpoints

Removing the Sensor (If Necessary)

If necessary, pull up the edge of the adhesive that keeps your sensor attached to your skin. Slowly peel away from your skin in one motion.

Note: Any remaining adhesive residue on the skin can be removed with warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol.