Blood Tests in the Blood Lab at Cardiovascular Interventions

We have always taken pride in providing an onsite certified blood lab for our patients’ convenience while also enhancing the quality and control of the outcomes. The nature of cardiac diseases often requires immediate blood work results to make appropriate medication changes. Turnaround time in our office is less than an hour, in contrast to a commercial lab which takes at least 1 to 3 days.

The contract agreements with private insurance companies have become extremely unfavorable to doctor’s in-office laboratories resulting in the cancellation of contracts or complete shutdown. Unfortunately, CVI has been affected and can only provide laboratory services for Medicare or Bright Health insurance plans. We hope other commercial insurance providers can agree to more favorable terms in the future.

Despite this, we are still dedicated to providing the best care possible for our patients. We will continue to perform blood tests at our highly discounted cash rates listed here:

Blood Lab Self Pay Rates

Free T3  $               33.00
Free T4  $               28.00
Vitamin D 25  $             55.00
Cardiac Enzymes  $             77.00
BNP  $             77.00
Magnesium  $             28.00
BMP  $             33.00
CMP  $               44.00
Lipid Panel with LDL  $               77.00
Hepatic Function  $               33.00
CBC  $               28.00
PT / INR $               22.00
Hemoglobin A1C $               33.00
Glucose (Finger Stick) $               11.00
Kraft Test Bundle $               220.00
Kraft Glucose Tolerance Test $               110.00
Kraft Insulin Resistance Test $               110.00
Insulin Fasting or Non-Fasting $               22.00
Plavix Sensitivity (P2Y12) $               110.00
Aspirin Sensitivity (ASA) $               110.00
Complete UA Dopstick $               22.00
Microablbumin Dipstick $               22.00
Hemoccult x 3 $               83.00

Updated 04-11-22

As you can tell, these cash rates for blood tests, including preoperative blood work, are a fraction of what would otherwise cost the patient in a hospital or other commercial entity, up to 5-10 times more in a hospital setting.

Utilizing our lab, patients will not have to go through the cumbersome process of a commercial laboratory visit. Making a separate appointment at a different location, waiting days for results to flow through to the office, then finally coming to the attention of the health care provider who can take action taken.

We hope that you continue to utilize our blood lab for your blood tests.