[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]We pledge that patients will have their physical, emotional and spiritual needs addressed.  Our continuity of care encourages patient compliance to therapy and communication, which speeds the healing process.  The latest diagnostic equipment is used to enable earlier detection and resolution of cardiac disease. We are committed to provide personalized, cost-effective, state-of-the-art cardiology care to our patients with an emphasis on prevention.

We accentuate health preservation to decrease or lessen the impact of cardiac disease.  Our philosophy that it is more effective and less expensive to maintain your good health while you have it than to try to regain it after disease has become apparent.  However, when cardiac disease does occur, our therapeutic regimens are geared to assist the patient to achieve a timely recovery and productive quality of life.


Our Primary Goal:

It is our goal to provide the best cardiac care available to the residents of the Central Florida community while utilizing innovation and patient education to drive advances in standards of care.  We have made this the focus of our practice and we look forward to welcoming you.

Why choose CVI

Because at CVI we still practice the way medicine was supposed to be: a relationship between a Doctor and a Patient.

To provide personalized care. To not undertreat or overtreat the patient. To identify the needs and provide them in a way that is most effective. To avoid protocol medicine. To identify root causes of illness, eradicate them, and not just mask symptoms. To re-educate patients about wellness, illness and expectations. To provide guidance, not just authoritarian dictums.

To avail to patients greater than 25 years of clinical practice experience, having received awards of recognition locally and nationally, a thought leader in the medical community.


Do we use Mid-level providers?

Yes. They are specifically trained to assist the doctor to carry out a planned therapy, assess situations, adjust therapies, and be readily available to the patient when the doctor is attending to sicker, more urgent situations, or in surgery. All aspects of the care provided are under the directions of the doctor. However, all major decisions are made by the doctor. Patients are reassured that they can see the doctor whenever they wish.


Do we accommodate urgent non-scheduled visits?

Yes. Urgent care is a vital component to care and will avoid unnecessary delays in care, provide more safety for the patient, reduce ER visits and ER costs, reduce work absenteeism.


Do we have medical records available on a Patient portal?

Yes. A secured Portal access is provided so that patients may review their Health summary and lab results and other test results, medications, allergies, and more. This can be printed by the patient at home or anywhere whenever needed. The patient will always have their Health Record with them.


If hospitalized, will the doctor see me in the hospital?

Yes. Your cardiology care is personally provided but when the doctor is away, he will always arrange for another Cardiologist to see you. The office records are provided for the hospital stay to provide full information needed for optimal care.


If sent to the ER, will the practice call ahead?

Yes. Whenever we send a patient to the ER, we call ahead to provide information and records, in order to allow the ER doctor to provide best care.


Do you have a referral network of other specialists?

Yes. We use a network of physicians who are known, reliable competent, trusted and used by us over the years to provide great care and communication.


Do you send records to all my other doctors?

Yes. Every doctor listed in your record will receive a copy of our record, unless requested by the patient not to. Similarly, every effort is made to obtain test results from other doctor’s offices for our records.


Do you do diagnostic testing in your office or do I need to go to the hospital or lab for testing?

Yes. We perform all Blood Tests here, to save time and cost, avoid delays, and improve care. We also do almost all diagnostic tests here including X-rays, CT scans, CT angiograms, Ultrasound procedures, cardiac catherization and peripheral angiography. This provides for greater quality at a much-reduced cost, with direct supervision by your care giver.


Do you have an in-house drug pharmacy?

Yes. We have the fundamental generic drugs used most frequently, often at a great savings, compared to the high street prices. This avoids delays, confusion and is cheaper.


Who answers calls from patients after hours?

The answering service will take messages. Immediate answers and guidance can be obtained from the Physicians Assistant on call.


Do you provide after hours clinic in the evenings?

This is work in progress

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